Retail Operations & Management

Streamline store management on both the front and back end, so you can focus on what’s really important — delighting customers

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The Fast-Paced World of Retail Operations

Running a successful retail business is no small feat: From managing day-to-day store operations and delivering exceptional customer service to optimizing order fulfillment, inventory replenishment and more, there are multiple moving parts and on both the front and back end. As new channels emerge, opportunities arise, and business grows, managing retail operations only becomes more complicated. In this complex and ever-evolving industry, companies must find ways to unite and organize in-store and eCommerce activity in order to achieve operational excellence.

Achieve Operational Excellence with a Retail Management Platform

Rather than try to manage your retail operations using multiple, disparate systems that contribute to complexity, consider investing in a unified, full-service retail store and merchandise management platform that tightly integrates front-end and back-end operations in order to create a truly holistic view of your business.

Such a platform should empower you to:

  • Consolidate all B2B and B2C retail operations within a single, modern platform in order to simplify employee training and support and do more with the same number of personnel
  • See a complete picture of retail operations across all store locations, fulfillment centers, warehouses, and more
  • Gain real-time visibility into supply chain operations to better anticipate delays, proactively identify potential bottlenecks and opportunities for risk, and design data-driven sourcing strategies
  • Optimize omnichannel order fulfillment to minimize costs, ensure inventory is in on-hand to meet customer demand, offer faster delivery times, and enhance customer satisfaction
  • Automate essential activities, including merchandise planning, pricing and promotions, fulfillment, and replenishment
  • Leverage analytics to plan merchandise for promotions in a way that enhances profitability and reduces discounting
  • Generate more detailed demand forecasts and anticipate and prevent stockouts using predictive analytics
  • Design modern applications that automate retail management tasks to better support franchise locations with regional management and scheduling and free up time for employees to interact with customers
  • Create a 360-degree view of each customer, including purchase history — personal preferences, demographic information, and customer service history — to help associates deliver personalized experiences and service representatives increase first call resolution rates
  • Access market insights to ensure that products move at the right price and that merchandise is always in stock at the right place at the right time for true endless aisle experience
  • Balance BOPIS/BOPAC inventory with on-shelf merchandise and manage order cancellations without impacting the in-store shopping experience
  • Scale retail management and operations over time as your business grows

Our Retail Operations Management Solutions

Azure Cognitive Services

Tap into the power of artificial intelligence and accelerate decision-making with API calls.

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Azure Data Lake

Harness the power of Big Data with distributed analytics insights.

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Azure Machine Learning

Build enterprise-grade machine learning models and deploy them with a single click.

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Azure Synapse

Unify enterprise data warehousing and Big Data analytics for actionable insights.

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Dynamics 365 Commerce

Deliver true omnichannel commerce support through unified operations.

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Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Consolidate customer data from multiple systems to create a single pane of glass view.

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Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Empower agents to consistently answer questions and present self-service opportunities.

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Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Capture real-time customer feedback across all channels to unlock new business opportunities.

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Dynamics 365 Finance

Access real-time financial reporting and gain greater control over retail operations.

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Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management

Gain real-time visibility and simplify order fulfillment with a modern open platform.

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Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights

Engage in proactive risk mitigation with prescriptive analytics and AI.

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Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Rise to the challenges of a modern supply chain with visibility, flexibility, insights, and efficiency.

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Empower: Analytics as a Service

Drive better business decisions with advanced data analytics and cloud-based software.

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Hitachi Visualization Suite

Unite video, IoT data, and analytics for operational intelligence and data-driven decision making.

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Omnichannel for Customer Service

Connect and engage with customers via Live Chat and SMS with this D365 Customer Service extension.

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Order Management Suite

Design one-of-a-kind, totally seamless eCommerce experiences for B2B and B2C customers.

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Power Platform

Design intelligent apps that support the retail customer experience with minimal coding.

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Skills, certifications, and experience

For nearly 20 years, Hitachi Solutions has helped major retailers around the world tap into the true power of the Microsoft stack and transform their front-end and back-office operations. In that time, we’ve also worked closely with our retail clients to understand the challenges they face and opportunities within the market.

Be confident that with Hitachi Solutions as your partner, as we hold 6 out 6 Microsoft Partner Designations. We can support you in technology depth and breadth across all Microsoft technologies and Business Applications. Read more about our technical achievements and why choosing Hitachi Solutions as your partner is the next best step.


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