Microsoft Fabric Conference Wrap Up with Hitachi Solutions

Featuring: Brad Koontz hosts with Sandeep Pawar and Miles Cole

Key Points Discussed:


Microsoft Fabric Conference Customer Insights

  • Brad Koontz introduces Microsoft’s first-ever Fabric Conference (Fab Con) held in Las Vegas, with Hitachi Solutions expert presentations
  • The conference featured 130 sessions with hands-on experience with Microsoft Fabric capabilities like data warehousing, data movement, AI, real-time analytics, and business intelligence.
  • Hitachi Solutions has been in partnership with Microsoft for nearly two years, offering “Fabric in a Day” training since the previous November.

Announcements and Integrations

  • Microsoft announced new fabric capabilities and Hitachi Solutions presented their own sessions at the conference.
  • One significant investment was the integration between Microsoft and Databricks for better interoperability of platforms related to Lakehouse architecture.
  • Mirroring was a new feature showcased, allowing for the replication of databases outside of Fabric, which facilitates data analysis without physical data movement.

Hitachi Solutions’ Role and Offering

  • Hitachi Solutions is positioned to assist customers with the integration of fabric and their existing investments due to their close relationship and collaboration with Microsoft.

Key Takeaways and Call to Action:

  • For Existing Lakehouse Architecture Users:
  • Customers can take advantage of fabric immediately, but nuances with integration exist.
  • Action Item: Hitachi Solutions to provide guidance on interoperability between platforms like Azure Databricks and Microsoft Fabric.

For New Users and Educating Customers:

Interest in Fabric is high, as demonstrated by conference turnout.
Hitachi Solutions offers our “Fabric in a Day” as well as upcoming dates for “Microsoft’s Fabric Analytics in a Day” events for customers

Next Steps:

Further engagement with Hitachi Solutions for education on Fabric’s capabilities and assistance in implementing new technologies.

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