Developer Velocity

Empower developers to be more agile, innovative, and productive

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What is it?

Developer velocity is really about removing traditional barriers — such as legacy technology, outdated methodologies, and manual processes — that slow development teams down and hinder innovation. Modernizing is key. Once armed with automated tools, agile best practices, and a collaborative culture, your developers now have the time and inspiration to build new features that directly improve business outcomes — and deliver them faster.

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The Value:

  • Modernize, automate, and speed development
  • Remove barriers that hinder development and innovation
  • Minimize risk of adopting new features and functionality
  • Enhance collaboration and teamwork

The Proof:

  • Unleashes the potential of software development team
  • Ties development to improved performance
  • Extends the value of software investments
  • Helps demonstrate IT ROI

The Outcomes:

  • Enhanced revenue, growth, and customer experience
  • Sharpened competitive edge and innovative advantage
  • Faster turnaround and time to market
  • Improved developer retention and satisfaction
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How we compete

Increasing developer velocity also means a shift in mindset that can be hard to achieve without help. At Hitachi Solutions, we don’t just practice developer velocity, we share it with our clients.

By guiding and advising, we help our clients accelerate developer velocity and unleash their potential to better support the needs of their customers and goals of the business. We also offer standalone workshops and mentoring for any organization who wants to speed developer velocity.