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People are at the heart of your enterprise. And the heart of your enterprise beats to the drum of data. That data runs through your entire venture, fueling analytics and tools like AI that lead to better business decisions. Energizing your people from the inside out with insight and connectivity gives you piece of mind because — lifting and visualizing data to whomever seeks it, for whatever they need, wherever they are, is what makes your business move.

But how to do you keep your data healthy and running with the speed of today’s business needs?

A modern data platform.

We can’t thank Hitachi Solutions enough… because of the training and expertise they shared with us, our people have a much better understanding of Synapse and modern data platforms.

Roslan Abrahim, Administration Associate Director, Ansell

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We Partner with Your People for Better Success

You know your people and process. We know the technology. We know Microsoft. With our depth and breadth of expertise, we help affirm and execute the right modernization approach for your business model, while helping to build your overall data strategy, resulting in better connectivity, insight and forward driven analytics for your enterprise, inside and out.

Our Approach Depends on Yours

From a fully managed modern data platform to 100 percent in-house data architecture and management, Hitachi Solutions meets you where you are to get you where you need to be for your entire analytics estate.

Fully Managed Data Platform

  • Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform was built to tackle the most complex data environments, housing all your sources on a single platform, utilizing machine learning and AI in Microsoft Azure to generate analytical insights that change your business for the better.
  • A fully managed data platform such as Empower can meet today’s need for speed and flexibility, while at the same time providing a fully functional data platform in a very short period of time.

Data Platform Accelerators

  • PaaS platforms enable companies that require significant computing resources to house and manage large amounts of data. Azure Synapse and Databricks serve as the computing foundation with the scalable power needed to process data.  Power BI is natively integrated with these platforms for visualizing key business metrics.  PaaS platforms are ideal for organizations with the internal IT resources to manage their data estate, along with an in-house data and analytics team.
  • At Hitachi Solutions, our Azure-based PaaS solutions include a host of accelerators and pre-built tools designed to accelerate deployment and decrease the time to realize business value. Our solutions are built using state-of-the-art lakehouse architecture, so organizations can take advantage of all types of data, both structured and unstructured.

Completely In-House

  • With 100% in-house customer owned and architected environments, Hitachi Solutions will partner with your team to resource data, build efficiencies, provide advisory services and training for better, more fluid processes. We work with you to ensure your architecture is in compliance and that governance and security are where you need them to be for your analytics estate to perform with assurance and functionality.

Migrate and Modernize

  • Modernizing your legacy analytics platform to perform to today’s standards is one of our superpowers. If your current data estate is nearing end of life or if it’s simply too cost prohibitive to completely overhaul, then we will partner with you to identify how we can enhance your process and modernize your data into a more democratized platform for your people to securely garner the business intelligence they need no matter where they are in your enterprise.

Our Delivery Expertise

“We have deep expertise in each of our technical delivery practices, which feeds into how we work with our customers to solve for their unique business challenges. From analytics & AI, to cloud security, our teams could standalone as niche consulting firms. Our real superpower is in how we integrate and work together to provide a 360 degree solution scope for our enterprise customers. That starts with Advisory and understanding your organizational goals to make sure we deliver on point with speed and agility.”
Jesse Sullivan Executive Vice President of Technical Solution Delivery

Other Ways We Support Your Analytics Estate

Your modern data estate is the engine of your enterprise. We partner with you to make sure your data infrastructure is running at its best so we can lift the kind of insights you need for your business to run smoothly. We support you with quality assurance as well as security and governance oversight. We help ensure everything is running smoothly with efficiency and scalability from end-to-end.

Business Advisory

It can be daunting to know where to focus to ensure successful outcomes that provide the most business value.

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Leveraging AI

Executives, here’s how to leverage AI for your enterprise — today and tomorrow.

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Data Management

Assess, understand, and optimize your data.

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Predictive Analytics

Understand your past to predict your future.

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Data Governance

Applied Data Governance with Microsoft Purview.

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Power BI for Enterprise Reporting

For demand-based enterprise reporting and analytics, Power BI is the tool of choice for our customers to lift, connect and action.

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