Modern Data Estate

Find the right piece of information when you need it.


What is a modern data estate?

There’s no use for your enterprise content if you can’t find it. To keep up with data growing in an unregulated manner, you need strategic storage and management capabilities. Enterprise search offers the integration of multiple non-structured data sources into a unified and secure full-text search system. Easily manage your information and search with customizable features, text analytics, and cognitive services. We’ll help you add significant value to your content by enriching the process through which it is retrieved.

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Skill, certification, and experience

We bring experience to your project. Over more than 15 years and hundreds of implementations our team of data experts has built a strong foundation for solving enterprise problems and enabling businesses. We update your data environment so you can gain better insights around the business and your customers, and we take a meta data driven approach to reduce your time to market with our acceleration framework and get you up and running faster.

Introduction to Hitachi Solutions Rules Engine

This session provides an overview of Hitachi Solutions Rules Engine, which performs massively scalable rule evaluation on streaming and batched messaging data. This session will provide listeners with the knowledge they need to make strategic decisions about utilizing the Hitachi Rules Engine in their organizations.

Products we use

Turn ideas into solutions with services to build, deploy, and manage applications—in the cloud, onprem, and at the edge—using the tools and frameworks of your choice.

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