Hitachi Solutions Helps Customers Enter the Age of AI with an Array of Fabric Workshops and Offerings

Microsoft Fabric is a revolutionary analytics data platform designed for the age of AI. Using a comprehensive suite of cloud-based tools and services, it eliminates the complexity and expense of integrating and managing data estates. This means you get a truly unified architecture and experience for all your data and insights.

Since its announcement last fall, Fabric has truly begun to transform how businesses capture, organize, and access data. From enhanced scalability and reliability to streamlined operations and cost savings, Fabric’s benefits are many. But the only way to know them all — and take advantage of them — is to dive into its capabilities.

Fabric is such a game-changer that understanding its intricacies is no longer a nice-to-have but an absolute must for today’s businesses.

The First Partner-led Fabric Customer Workshops

Hitachi Solutions knows this because we’ve been there from the beginning — one of the few Microsoft partners asked to provide feedback, testing, and insights to refine Fabric. We participated in the official launch event. We were also the first partner to offer a Fabric in a Day workshop to ensure our customers are not only prepared but confident in transitioning to the innovative new platform.

Our original Fabric workshops were targeted specifically at business and IT professionals. And they were a hit — drawing huge turnouts! Since the first immersive masterclass in October 2023, we have successfully trained hundreds of people at hundreds of companies — and counting.

300+ people trained on Fabric, 150+ companies now using Fabric, 82.8% workshop attendance   or, if there are other stats we prefer to use please provide

This proved to us our customers are hungry for Fabric knowledge. Which is why we are expanding our offerings. Now customers in many different roles can delve into Fabric and its transformative capabilities. Whether you want to learn at a high level or require more in-depth technical details, we have a Fabric event for you.

Expanded Fabric Learning Options

Here’s a brief rundown of everything Fabric that is available from Hitachi Solutions:

  • Microsoft Fabric Analyst in a Day (FAIAD) — Hitachi Solutions is now collaborating with Microsoft to offer this new free one-day workshop. FAIAD is an intermediate-level training designed for data engineers and data analysts who have experience with data engineering in Azure and Power BI but are new to Microsoft Fabric.

    The goal of this session is to help you understand how to consolidate your data into a single source of truth where you can analyze your data and generate meaningful insights. You’ll experience an end-to-end analytics solution — from ingesting data to building reports with automatic refresh. Whether you are evaluating Fabric’s ability to meet your organization’s needs or you just want to learn how it can help optimize processes, this is the workshop for you. The high-level agenda includes:

    • Microsoft Fabric solution introduction
    • OneLake
    • Data engineering
    • Data integration
    • Data warehousing
    • Business intelligence
  • Fabric in a Day (FIAD) — This is Hitachi Solutions’ original two-day interactive workshop designed for qualified customers. Led by our FIAD experts, the custom session is tailored specifically for your organization and flows at a pace that works best for you, It  can be conducted at a Hitachi Solutions office, at your facility, or off site. The FIAD agenda includes:

    • Executive-level intro to Fabric
    • Lakehouse architecture and design
    • Understanding pipelines, dataflows, and Spark
    • Fabric warehouse overview
    • SQL Endpoints
    • Hands-on labs with real-time Q&A discussions

During the workshop we will also explore your specific use cases and scenarios as well as experience first-hand the unified streaming capabilities of Fabric. Your executives, business professionals, and IT will walk away with deep knowledge of Fabric capabilities for your business solutions. Contact us to schedule your personalized FIAD today.

  • Dashboard in a Day (DIAD) — While the Fabric sessions are for everyone, if your analytics skills are a little rusty you might struggle to keep up. So for those who want to brush up before tackling Fabric, Hitachi Solutions offers this pre-requisite. What’s great is it’s free! And it’s designed to refresh your analytics knowledge and help you better understand all the capabilities of Power BI, data visualization, and analysis — so you can take advantage of Microsoft Fabric and get the most value. Attend a DIAD and you’ll learn how to:

    • Connect to, import, and transform data from various sources
    • Define business rules and KPIs
    • Explore data with powerful visualization tools
    • Build stunning reports with Power BI
    • Share dashboards and publish them to the web  
    • And much more!
  • Fabric Foundation Proof of Concept — This two-week proof of concept (PoC) engagement is designed to lay the right foundation, prepare your data estate, and jumpstart your Fabric implementation. Through advisory and technical guidance, our delivery and consulting experts prepare your people and processes for the Fabric transformation and help determine what solution will work best for your enterprise. Outcomes of the Fabric Foundation PoC include:

    • Organizational readiness, alignment, and understanding of Fabric
    • Confirmed Fabric enterprise architecture
    • Fabric implementation roadmap
    • Fabric training recommendations
    • Guided next steps

The Hitachi Solutions/Fabric Connection

For nearly two years, Hitachi Solutions helped Microsoft as they developed Fabric. As mentioned, we were one of a very few partners involved in the testing, feedback, and launch of the product. Our Fabric “street cred” includes:

  • 30+ data engineers with Fabric training
  • One of the initial Fabric MVPs, who co-wrote the Microsoft Fabric Exam DP-600
  • Designed Fabric accelerators with Dynamics Synapse Link, Dataverse, and ELT
  • Created unique POC to jumpstart Fabric adoption 

This tribal knowledge, along with our experience and expertise in building data platforms, uniquely positions Hitachi Solutions as a Fabric evangelist who is ready, willing, and able to guide and advise you on your Fabric data platform journey.

Get Started Today!

Ready to begin your Fabric journey? Check out our on-demand Webinar, Get Started with Fabric: A Front Seat to the Experts. Watch and learn as our Fabric experts provide a compact yet comprehensive overview of Fabric and how it can simplify your data analytics stack and allow you to easily leverage the power of generative AI.

To learn more about our Fabric workshops, PoCs, and other offerings, reach out today!