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Improve the contact center experience for customers and agents with greater visibility to the data they need for more effective engagement and improved resolutions.

Hitachi Solutions empowers customers with modern Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Copilot for Service solutions and services. With decades of experience in contact center engagements, our team has the business and technical understanding of what our customers need to take advantage of the benefits of AI, while centralizing their data and operations so they can optimize customer and employee experiences that lead to an improved bottom line.

Call Center

Primarily a Voice-centric Channel: Call centers are primarily focused on handling inbound voice calls, and while some also conduct outbound voice calls as well, most are not equipped to handle other channels like chat and email.

Conventional Purpose: Call centers are often used for inbound customer support and outbound telemarketing or debt collection.

Traditional Technology: Call centers use telephony equipment and solutions that may have call routing, call tracking, and recording capabilities.

Contact Center

Multiple Communication Channels: Contact centers manage communications across multiple channels such as phone, email, chat, social media, and sometimes even video conferencing.

Integrated Technology: Contact center solutions are often integrated with a CRM platform that provides a more comprehensive view of customer interactions and history across different channels.

Analytics and Reporting: Modern contact center solutions offer advanced analytics and reporting capabilities to track performance and customer satisfaction across all channels.

What Makes a Great Contact Center Solution?

Investing in a digital contact center solution that supports multi-channel engagement and empowers agents who are working from home, is critical to success.

Organizations across multiple industries benefit from investing in their contact centers through:

  • Increased agent productivity with AI-enabled tools
  • Greater overall efficiency through process automation
  • Reduced operating costs through self-service capabilities for your customers
  • Greater scalability and flexibility resulting from analytics-based forecasting
  • Stronger security through modern identity verification
  • Optimized customer experiences across multiple channels thanks to intelligent routing to the agent most qualified to support the customer
  • Improved customer satisfaction when issues are more often resolved on first contact
$496 Billion

the global call center market is expected to be worth $496 billion by 2027


of failed attempts at FCR (first call resolution) are due to inability to access the right data by the call center agent


of call center managers say they don’t have enough automation in their tools

Contact Centers in Industry

Delivering exceptional customer experiences is an aspiration across many industries and often customer experiences are rooted in the service they receive from organizations they engage with. Empowering contact center agents with modern tools enables them to deliver exceptional experiences across a variety of scenarios, including:

Deliver Exceptional Service & Engagement

It is well-known that organizations can differentiate themselves from their competition based on the value of customer service experiences. Modernized contact centers enable organizations to deliver the engagement and service experiences customers demand.

It’s estimated that close to 60% of failed attempts at First Contact Resolution (FCR) are a result of the agent’s lack of access to the right data and more than 20% of call volume is about a previously unresolved issue.

Imagine your agents could resolve more issues on the first call, reducing the time they spend on a repeat issue – both the agent and the caller’s experiences are improved.

Hitachi Solutions can help bring that vision to life – turning it from something imagined to reality.


Hitachi Solutions can help with Call Center Software Solutions

With decades of experience with the Microsoft platform and our own IP, Hitachi Solutions understands what it takes to deliver call center success for our customers. Building a true 360-degree view of your data with modern applications and integrations to help you build better relationships with your customers can transform how you compete today.

microsoft dynamics 365 icon

D365 Customer Service

Enable your service teams with advanced capabilities for delivering personalized experiences, optimizing agent productivity, and streamlining operations

Copilot for Service

Included with Copilot for Microsoft 365, extend the capabilities of your contact center with AI to enhance experiences and boost productivity.

teams logo

Microsoft Teams & Teams Phone

Increase collaboration across service teams and work streams with intuitive and simplified communication for both internal and external connections

Power Platform

Automate processes and data flows between systems with Power Apps and Power Automate, visualize call data with Power B, deploy Virtual Agents to handle routine inquiries through self-service, and more with the Microsoft Power Platform.

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Empower Data Platform

Centralize your data sources in a matter of days onto a single cloud platform – supporting more than 200 sources –where it can then be used to manifest intelligence your teams utilize to make strategic business decisions, regardless of company size or industry.

Hitachi Solutions
Identity Verification

Streamline and secure the customer identification processes with an efficient and user-friendly app that empowers your agents to confirm the identity of your customer quickly and accurately so they can focus on helping the customer resolve the purpose of their call.

Hitachi Solutions Call Wrap-Up

Enable your agents to wrap calls quickly with AI-powered suggestions for call category, call summary, and next steps to that they can quickly generate required documentation before moving to their next call.

Hitachi Solutions Dynamic Scripts

Empower your agents with a click-through experience that automatically tailors scripts based on the caller and their verification results; guiding the agent through appropriate authorization processes, logging actions automatically, automating fraud alerts, and more.

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