Microsoft Fabric – Analytics for the Era of AI

Unify your data strategy with one solution that delivers secure, connected, anywhere, anytime, insight for your entire network.

Hitachi Solutions VP of Data & AI Cary Holley on the Power of Microsoft Fabric for Business Intelligence

Harness the Power of Microsoft Fabric: Enterprise Data that is Unified, Simplified & Secured

In today’s data-driven world of doing business anywhere all-the-time, business leaders can now embrace a unified approach to operations knowing their enterprise is powered by real-time analytics sourced and secured in one place through a modern cloud-driven platform called Microsoft Fabric.

This means, no matter the size and scope of your business, you have direct access to instant insight and action for all your stakeholders. Fabric keeps you agile and compliant all the time, all at once.

And, in this era of AI, your data works for you.

Understanding Fabric

Microsoft Fabric is to your data estate, what Power Platform proved to be for your apps and automations — a game changer for your enterprise to do more for everyone all the time — with faster, safer, more affordable, and unified results.

Listen in below as our experts walk through the business use cases for Microsoft Fabric, what Fabric means for your enterprise, and how Hitachi Solutions is particularly teed up to help our customers surface the value of the technology today.

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Jumpstart Your Adoption

It’s not difficult to see how Microsoft Fabric is a game changer. What may be less clear is how it can accelerate your data journey.

The Empower Data Platform bridges your organization’s readiness between now and general availability of Fabric. It seamlessly works to ready your enterprise — and your enterprise data — to capitalize on the potential of everything AI has to offer now and in the future.

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Fabric is an end-to-end data platform that lets customers skip the tedious and mundane parts of the data supply chain and jump straight to the fun and valuable parts: analyzing data, generating insights, and – with Data Activator – taking meaningful action.

Cary Holley
Vice President of Data & Analytics, Hitachi Solutions


Frequently asked questions about Microsoft Fabric

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It’s not difficult to see how Microsoft Fabric is a game changer. Learn how Hitachi Solutions can accelerate your data journey.

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