Digital Transformation Advisory Service

Your trusted guide on the road to innovation

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Realizing your strategy

Hitachi Solutions Digital Transformation Advisory Service (DTAS) is designed to guide, advise, simplify, and support you on the road to successful digital transformation. Through our structured engagement model, we identify digital opportunities with the most value, determine organizational readiness, align priorities, and map out the best paths to innovation.

  • We are on the forefront of digital transformation technology, trends, and capabilities
  • Our technical expertise — we live and breathe digital transformation day to day
  • Deep industry expertise – we understand the different culture, systems, processes, and capabilities of each industry
  • We’ve developed our own IP solutions and tools to de-risk and accelerate digital
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Keeping you on track

We’re ready and able to execute on your plans. Understanding your business, we focus on the digital initiatives that provide maximum benefits — for your operations, customers, products, data, and team.

With DTAS, we are with you every step of the way — your trusted advisor. We help align the elements, remove obstacles, and determine the best direction, so you can confidently move forward with your digital objectives.


of business leaders see Digital Transformation as a way of sparking innovation and finding efficiencies


say they must offer digital services or become irrelevant


of business leaders maintain digital transformation is a priority, while only 3% have completed their initiatives

What to expect with DTAS

Our DTAS program includes three phases — Discovery, Assessment, and Execution. It’s flexible. It’s personalized for you. And it’s easily scalable for your organization. Digital Transformation Advisory Services include:

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Introductory Workshop

Phase 1

To understand your unique culture, goals, views, we start with an introductory workshop. Together, we review your strategic and transformation vision and business priorities. We also introduce the scope of Hitachi Solutions’ digital capabilities and identify a preliminary set of objectives.

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Digital Maturity Discovery

Phase 2

We start by listening and identify value creation from your perspective — what matters most for the stakeholders who count. We also work together to understand the digital maturity level of your organization and target actions and improvements that will have the most meaningful impact.

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Roadmap and Alignment

Phase 3

After identifying your digital strengths, weaknesses, and priorities, we take a deeper dive into targeted opportunities for change. We assess the current state, develop a modernization strategy, and create a comprehensive plan of action — an evergreen digital roadmap to advance your goals for years to come.

Digital Transformation Playbook

Is your business ready to reimagine how it operates? Our free 11-page guide introduces you to digital transformation and offer ideas for leveraging today’s technological innovations to reimagine the way your company operates.

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