Growth by acquisition is exciting, but it can be complicated if you’re trying to combine disparate systems and business applications without a unified strategy. Unless approached correctly, integrating technology systems between previously independent companies can end up in a poor experience for the end user, and substantially increase the technical debt for IT departments.

In fact, the single most important factor in the success of a merger, acquisition or divestiture is a successful IT integration. Gartner reports that 50% of expected cost synergies from an M&A come from IT integration. Simply put, the business is counting on the IT team to enable it to deliver the cost savings and efficiencies it has promised the deal will achieve.

Reduce Disruption, Maintain Continuity, Achieve Goals

When you’ve placed your bet on acquiring a company, the integration needs to be smooth and friction free. Hitachi Solutions’ expert team can help you on all M&A fronts to develop a strategy and blueprint that allows you to maintain focus on the priorities and the value drivers that enhance synergy and reduce risk.

Our outcome-based solution:

  • Merges disparate technologies and processes to create a seamless combined environment
  • Reduces employee burden so they remain productive and focused
  • Preserves customer-facing continuity, while adhering to external SLAs
  • Guarantees legal and regulatory compliance

With such high stakes and the possibility of failure, you can rest assured you’ll be ready for full business functionality on Day 1 with an integrated solution for all employees, old and new, to connect communicate and collaborate effectively.

Our Approach

1 – Discovery

A comprehensive pre-migration analysis will uncover any security and technical issues in the source IT environments. Remediating them before you start the first migration job dramatically reduces the risk of missed deadlines and outright IT integration failures. We’ll also identify potential savings through the capabilities of the Microsoft 365 E5 license and determine whether disparate third party tooling can be consolidated and replaced in a single license model.

2 – Design

Create an architectural overview of all existing workloads, whether on-prem or cloud, and determine the desired end-state topology of your combined environment. We’ll design the migration with secure communication and collaboration tools for the combined organization, including mail, calendars, resources, data, and critical applications— all this using the extensive capabilities of Azure, Microsoft 365, and related security, compliance, and identity policies to fulfill requirements of the combined organization.

3 – Blueprint

The blueprint provides a foundation for effectively integrating acquisitions, covering the end-state solution required to deliver the technology portion of the integration. It ensures you’ll have a secure, uninterrupted migration with reliable backup and recovery, streamlined compliance, strong performance and availability, and proper governance across a newly consolidated Microsoft environment.

4 – Implementation

Hitachi Solutions can complete the IT integration, moving content and permissions to the correct locations, while addressing foundational aspects of the project for business continuity, managing change, and ensuring positive business outcomes. As a result, you’ll be poised to achieve the cost synergies and efficiencies that drove the merger and acquisition in the first place.

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How we can help

A merger or acquisition doesn’t have to be a nightmare – quite the opposite: M&A activities are an excellent opportunity to rethink and improve what the organizations were accustomed to before the migration. Hitachi Solutions can help you identify IT goals and develop an air-tight consolidation and integration plan for your existing and acquired organizations.

We are 100 percent focused on Microsoft technologies and tools and have deep and broad experience across regulated industries engaged in mergers and acquisitions. Combined that with our market-leading skills in change management, business processes and workplace advisory services, and you get the best of both worlds — technology and business — to maximize your M&A outcomes.

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